Time does not mean age. Years represent nothing with our anti-aging treatments for your beauty.
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4D soft face lift rejuvenates and remodels your skin thanks to an exclusive non-invasive treatment. It is a breakthrough technology which attacks facial aging from 4 different directions. Dr. Gumener and the R&D Medical team of L-Raphael combined Fractional Radio Frequency, Face remodeling, Micro-fibers and Oxy Treatment in one protocol to obtain the best visible and long-lasting facial anti-aging results without surgery.
This treatment uses ultrasound technology and electrical stimulation to effectively “lift” and firm facial skin, smooth away lines and wrinkles and leave skin velvety-soft. Electrical stimulation strengthens facial muscles and improves microcirculation, enhancing the skin’s elasticity and promoting a radiant, healthy glow.
This treatment uses ultrasound technology and electrical stimulation to effectively “lift” and firm the delicate skin around the eyes, diminishing the appearance of circles and puffiness by smoothing away the fine lines and wrinkles.
The Combi-Treatment is a triple-action treatment which cleans, purifies, and rejuvenates the skin. The treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation to clean and refine the skin and pores. The therapist removes the impurities and treats the skin with a precise, targeted jet-pressure spray application of oxygen enriched with lecithin, omega 3, anti-oxidants and vitamins to revive tired skin cells and restore youthful radiance by tightening the pores.
This extraordinary Skin Tightening treatment uses short and long wave RF technology to stimulate collagen production to rebuild the internal structure of the skin. Your skin immediately looks tighter and more toned. Experience this non-invasive revolutionary alternative to cosmetic surgery.
This treatment combines 3 revolutionary technologies: radio frequency, tightening and vacuum therapy to refine, sculpt and smooth your facial skin (face and neck) for a spectacular and long-lasting result.
A sophisticated and customized device featuring diamond technology is used in combination with L.RAPHAEL’s LEC-40 lipid complex, lecithin, omega proteins and vitamins to dramatically improve the appearance of the skin. The device’s dual action of diamond-polish and the non-invasive diamond vacuum stimulates blood flow and exfoliates the skin for deeper penetration. This treatment promotes glowing skin and delivers significant anti-aging results.
A combination of the most comprehensive L.RAPHAEL cleansing facials to help reveal and nurture your natural beauty. The Beauty Diamond gently exfoliates dead cells whereas our signature Oxy-Peel deeply purifies skin from blackheads and blemishes. Finally, the Customized Facial delivers a moisture rush and boosts oxygen levels to restore our underlying youthful firmness and luminosity to the skin.
Repeated low-energy plasma skin regeneration treatment is an effective modality for improving dyspigmentation, smoothness, and skin laxity associated with photoaging. The Radio Frequency technology stimulates collagen production to rebuild the internal structure of skin.
This treatment stimulates the body's natural biological repair mechanism, tissue building and collagen production in order to rebuild the skin structure which has been damaged and improve its quality. This treatment combines the benefits of two unique methods: one uses L.RAPHAEL's Oxy-Tech II exclusive delivery system and a treatment complex in order to make the active ingredients available in deeper layers of the skin and the other uses your body's natural healing process and speeds it up using platelet rich plasma.
A combination treatment that uses L.RAPHAEL’s unique Oxy-Tech II technology to prepare the skin for penetration of vitamins and LEC-40 Complex. Followed by focused laser application to stimulate collagen production to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Revealing a hydrated and radiant skin with an even texture and an immediate firmer appearance.
This treatment uses intense pulse light energy in two wavelengths each providing a significant benefit: the reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and the increase in skin firmness and elasticity are achieved using longer wavelength rays. They penetrate deeper into the epidermis. The heat they generate stimulates the activity of fibroblast cells, which enhance the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin firmer and more supple.
EXIMIA is a revolutionary treatment which combines ultrasound, electro-magnetic waves and mechanical massage followed by manual massage. This advanced technology converts fat into energy by acting on target areas to significantly reduce fat deposits and obtain a visible slimming effect.
This lifting and firming treatment utilizes ultrasound technology and electrical stimulation with the L.RAPHAEL Anti-Gravity II machine to deliver vital ingredients where the skin needs it most and effectively lift and firm facial skin. The application of ultrasound waves in combination with L.RAPHAEL's advanced skincare products allows for a deep penetration of the ingredients, while naturally generated heat increases collagen production. Electrical stimulation strengthens facial muscles to diminish fine lines, increase elasticity and improve microcirculation to promote a healthy glow.